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Personal Tax Preparation

Our group of tested competent tax professionals find joy in interviewing clients, auditing account details, and acting as liaisons between clients and the IRS.  

Business Tax Preparation

We help business owners with self-employed and small business taxes each year. The insights we provide enable businesses to make better decisions for their organizations.

IRS Debt Resolution

An offer in compromise allows one to settle tax debt for less than the full amount owed. If paying one’s full tax liability creates a financial hardship, we can provide solutions.

Financial Consultancy

With over 30 years in cost accounting experience our financial experts specialize in budgeting and forecasting. This benefits our clients in making the best decisions for their futures.

Business Registration

There’s more than one way to officially set up a business. We’re here to make sense of them all so you can start on the right path—or scale to the next level. We’ll check if your company name is available, and file all the required forms. Together, let’s make your business official.

Spanish Translation by request

Please let us know if you will need a Spanish translator when scheduling your appointment.